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. steve brown is live in ames with some recap. good morning to you, steven. there was a lot going on there, wasn't there? >> there was a bunch. steve, gretchen, clayton, all good morning. gretchen, got to ask you, what's up with the candidates from your home state? i thought minnesota nice was a law if your state. last night, it was revoked obviously and it had michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty spending much of the evening going at each other. here is yet one small example of that exchange. have a listen. >> she says that she's fighting for these things. she fought for less government spending. we got a lot more. she led the effort against obama care. we got obama care. she led the effort against tarp. we got tarp. she said she's got a titanium spine, it's not her spine we're worried about, it's her record of results. if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> wait. >> you were governor in minnesota, you implemented cap and trade in our state. and you praised the unconstitutional individual mandates and you called for requiring a
of president obama. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: only republican candidates in the fox debate in iowa saved their best shots for president obama. >> our president simply doesn't understand how to lead. >> and the message is this. you are finished in 2012. >> reporter: mitt romney in iowa for the first time since may got heckled. >> you came here to listen to the people. >> look, obama-care was patterned after the mitt plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: fighting to keep his campaign alive tim pawlenty had vowed no more timidity. he clashed with michele bachmann. >> in congress her record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> people are looking for a champion. they want someone who's been fighting. >> if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop, because you're killing us. >> reporter: tea party favorite texas governor rick perry made clear he's going to run. perry's move mocked by a fellow texan. >> i'm very pleased that he's coming in because he represents the status quo. >> reporter: all the debaters did agree to oppose tax hikes, but this
and a few upper 80s and a few 90s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning to you. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. traffic looks good heading out to the toll plaza. also the bay bridge toll plaza is light. no major problems on the bridge. lower deck of the bay bridge. road work in the right lanes this morning. watch out for the construction zone. and san mateo bridge traffic looks pretty good. now let's go back to the desk. >>> all right, thank you, sal. we begin with overnight news from santa rosa. police are searching for two men that stormed into an armored car warehouse late last night. allie rasmus tells us how the crime created a terrifying situation for the workers inside. allie. >> reporter: according to san if rosa police the two victims were both prose of the garda armored truck company. we are in santa rosa. this lot is where they store the armored trucks. this started just after 11:00 last night. santa rosa police say they received a 911 call. that call game from one of the company employees that said he and a c
xhochb ground on their criticism of president obama. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: all eight candidates saved their best shots for president obama. >> our president simply doesn't understand how to lead. >> and the message is this, you are finished in 2012. >> reporter: mitt romney in iowa for the first time got heckled. >> obama care was patterned after mit's plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: fighting to keep his campaign ally, pawlenty vowed no more timidity. he clashed with michele bachmann. >> in congress her record of accomplishments and results is nonexistent. >> people are looking for a champion. they want someone who has been fighting. >> if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: tea party favorite rick perry made clear he's going to run, mocked bay fellow texan. >> i'm very pleased he's coming in because he represent it is status quo. >> reporter: all the debaters did agree to oppose tax hikes, but this had been the most contentious debate. saturday comes the iowa straw poll that's sure to knock so
. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >>> we do have low clouds and thick fog. once that burps off -- once that burns off sunshine and warmer temperatures. 60s and 70s. inland temperatures do come up about 2-6 degrees. >>> traffic looks pretty good on northbound 280 feting up to -- getting up to highway 17. the morning drive will be moving along nicely on the golden gate bridge. southbound traffic is looking good. and the fog doesn't appear to be really thick for drivers. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> sal, we are starting our 6:00 hour with a dramatic overnight news story from santa rosa. police are searching for two gunmen. they stormed into an armored car warehouse late last night. allie rasmus is there to tell us how it caused a terrifying situation for the workers inside. >> reporter: the robbery happened at the garda armored truck service. this business is difficult to find. it's tucked away in an unmarked building. all the trucks are kept in a back parking lot out of sight from the main road. there is no company sign on the front of the building
some new technology at bwi airport. hopefully it will make passengers safe. >>> i'm steve handelsman in iowa on this critical day between last night's debate and tomorrow's much-anticipated iowa straw poll. there's rick perry. what's he up to? how does it change the republican race for the white okay, you're the good cop. i'm the bad cop. look, it's still a great time to refinance. listen up, buster! we're not gonna pay any closing fees. i'd do what she says, friend. i can't control her. well, it's the "no closing fee refinance," so we pick up the closing fees. oh, you're gonna pick up the closing fees? yes. on average, that's $3,300 at closing. [ both ] thirty-three hundred?! that's a lot of donuts. [ male announcer ] visit capital one bank today to refinance your mortgage, and we'll pick up, on average, $3,300 at closing. what's in your wallet? i'm good. >>> tomorrow's straw poll in iowa represents the first major test for republicans in the race for the white house. the major candidates are working right now to get out their supporters, but two rivals who have not even declared ye
out for the good sound bite. conspondant steve brown as the blow by bloww. [applause] >>reporter: less than two days before the iowa straw poll bachmann and pawlenty went at it. >> it is an unkiss putable fact in congress her record of accomplishments and results are nonexistent. >> when you were governor in minnesota you implemented cap and trade. >> she fought for less government spen we got more. led the effort against obama care and we got it. led the effort against tarp. >> i gave them a run for the money. cap and trade, i was there giving speaker pelosi a run for her money. >> those were far from the debate fireworks. gingrich bristled if his campaign was a mess. >> i would love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us what what to do about america about a president who failed to lead instead of mickey mouse gangs. >> he got buzz including blogers most of which called gingrich a winner and helped himself. but the sentiment was not unanimous . one said he shot himself in the foot . pros sanction candidate got into it with ron paul. >> iran is a counselry that is at war with u
90 degrees. we'll have more coming up in five minutes. here is sal. >>> steve, right now traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving on westbound 92 san mateo bridge with no major problems. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 880 north and southbound past the coliseum. coming up on 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> overnight news we are starting with dramatic overnight news. police searching for two gunmen that stormed into an armored car warehouse late last night. allie rasmus is there now to tell us what happened to the terrified workers inside. >> reporter: the two victims of this robbery are employees with the garda armored truck company. we are at anastral park. this is where they park and store their vehicles. this happened just before 11:00 last night. police say they got a 911 call. that came from a employee who said he and a coworker had been locked inside the company warehouse. the two men that robbed them, shut the businesses steel doors behind them after robbing them and leaving. >> we had to free the employees because the doors were lock
in the united states. steve also was the coleader last year with former secretary of defense, bill perry with an assessment of the 2010th quadrennial defense review that seems like 100 years ago already in time so we time so we knew it fiscal issues the deficit debate was far different than in the aftermath of the n-november of a drug revolution when the tea party came to town and everything else happened has been subsequently what would like to do this morning is to begin by myself posing some questions to each of the panelists to frame the discussion and then of course go to you because we are fortunate enough to have television coverage today. when we go to the crowd, please identify yourself, wait for a microphone and ask a short question cannot be specific about who you are addressing it to if you would. i want to begin with alice because i think for a number of reasons that brought perspective on what this recent to accomplish is worth to understand before you get into specifics about its implications might eat maybe what they should be or should not be for the broader national sec
now for the weather. steve villanueva is in for sam this morning. hey, steve. >> hey, guys. good morning, everyone. we'll start in texas this morning, where it is finally a little bit cooler. yesterday in dallas, we were only in the 90s for the first time in 40 days. we were not in the triple digits thanks to some thunderstorms. more in the forecast. great news because you desperately needed the rain. and in new england, back towards chicago a very comfortable start to the day heading into the 80s later with lots of sunshine. all right, everyone. that is your national forecast. that's your weather, everyone. elizabeth? >> all right, steve. thanks so much. >>> now, a spoiler alert. you might actually enjoy a story more if you know how it ends before you begin. at least that's what a new study is saying. abc's david wright takes a look on this new twist on storytelling. >> reporter: these researchers insist knowing how everything turns out doesn't spoil the fun. it actually makes things better. for "good morning america" -- hang on a sec. it actually makes things better. really? th
to the water. three double bogeys finishing with a 7 over 7. steve stricker had a chance to be the first golfer to ever shoot a 62 in a major but missed the birdie on 18. still shot a 7 under 63. very sweet for steve stricker. >>> matsui upping his average to .422. as beat the jays and take two out of three in toronto. >>> diamondbacks down their final out on the 9th but tied it up on a homer. one in the 10th on that run by chris young. three-run blast. diamondbacks are now a game up on the giants who begin a 10- game road trip tomorrow in florida. >> niners big game will be tomorrow. their opener in new orleans and dennis is out there. >> they got arizona right where they want them right now. >> giants. >> okay. >> they got them. >> right where they want them. >> we like to be the underdog. >> don't want to run away with it. >> settle down. >> exciting. challenging. >> sure. i like that. >> okay. >> we will see you at 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolorado.com [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, all your back to school favorites are on sale! so
neighborhood better and bring america back. and abc's steve osunsami decided to see the plan n action. >> reporter: they're the type of people that could help end the foreclosure crisis. dane and his sister-in-law have bought eight foreclosed homes this year for pennies on the dollar. after $15 hourks in upgrades and a month of hard work, it was transformed. >> if the government would get involved and offer more affordable finance options, it would make things easier. >> probably take 50% to 75% of the properties off the market within a year or two. >> reporter: washington is listening closely. they're looking at tax breaks. hemming investors get better financing. making sure there are families ready to trent homes investors purchase. the biggest idea, making it eas over the mortgage for a family in the home, and have the family pay rent. it's still your home? >> j.r. and his partner were struggling. an investor bought their home and pushed the monthly bill down to $850 in rent. >> we did not have to move. we're in the same community. >> reporter: rob davidson is the inveser. >> we ha
championship. steve scooter came within inches of a scoring record. -- steve stricker came within inches of the scoring record. tiger woods slipped into the golfer's abyss going into the water twice. he finished with one of his highest scores ever, first-round 77, seven over par 14 shots off the lead. >> i can just go out there and play and let it go and play by feel and see the shot, hit the shot felix, and i am not at that point yet. >> he has not won a major in 39 months. it has been 23 months since he has won anything. right now he is more legend then. and he is struggling. it is all up here. >> right now he just needs a nice, long vacation. >> alright, you know i have to get to the moon bounce. >>> the full moon tomorrow night. if you like today, you will like tomorrow, 87 degrees. we have a blog about going to the beaches. it will be 50/50 this weekend a good saturday, more rain likely sunday. >> tennis tomorrow? >> i am still recovering from today. >> thank you for joining us.
. joining us is steve massocca and bus from wedbush equity. good morning. >> good morning. >> is that the biggest news? the doubt is not in triple digits right now. >> this is one of the calmest days we have had. the volume is very light. all of the major companies are making less than one person lives. the treasury securities are doing quite well. within 10 year is down to yielding 2.3%. those markets are doing well. we appear to be returning to some state of normalcy. >> yesterday we pulled back. is the gold rush over? >> they raised the margin requirements on gold. whether the gold rush is over or not, i do not know. europeans have passed a short selling band. that is really a band-aid. right now i think you have to be careful. >> 70 countries and parliaments have to approve anything before it gets done in parliament. it could be months. boni think that germany is a big issue. and that will be the biggest participants in europe. >> the best things for the market is it is friday, at least there are two days of cooling off period >> a few days of rest for people who have
there. >> feels great out there. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. lets a say good morning to tucker barnes now. he has the latest on our weather and the return to the 80s. >> stuck in the 80s. not only today but right new the weekend i think temperatures will hold out in the 80s. off to a comfortable, not just here in washington. much of the mid-thick is doing great. here in washington, this is one of warmer spots at 72. most of the area is in the 60s, even some 50s not too far away. there you go. you can see we have 52 in detroit. 54 in columbus. new york city, 68 at this hour. nice-hooking start to our day. i have nothing to show you. -- nice-looking start to the day. if you are lucky enough it be able to get a day off of work, enjoy. it will be a nice one today. off to the north and west, high pressure and that will be working through the course of our friday. lots of sunshine. another beautiful afternoon. this map will not change. 87 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west. >> it keeps wanting to cool off. >> effect does includi
off ahead of the straw poll that will be held there this weekend. steve handelsman has the report from ames, iowa. >> reporter: all eight republican candidates in the fox debate in iowa saved their best shots for president obama. >> our president simply doesn't understand how to lead. >> the message is this -- you are finished in 2012. >> reporter: mitt romney in iowa for the first time since may got heckled today. >> you came here to listen to the people -- >> reporter: and sort of got heckled tonight. >> obamacare was patterned after mitt's plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: tim pawlenty vowed no more timidity. he clashed with michele bachmann, the iowa frontrunner in today's corn poll at the state fair. >> in congress, her record of accomplishment and results is n nonexistent. >> people are looking for a champion. >> if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: rick perry made clear today he's going to run. perry's move mocked by a fellow texan. >> i'm very pleased he's coming in because he represents the status quo.
at the national cathedral this morning. it's friday morning, august 12, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm tony perkins in for allison. a fine start to the day as far as weather goes. >> comfortable. >> tucker barnes joins us now with a look at the day ahead. >> it's friday, don't forget that. >> yes. >> good combination. beautiful weather and friday. let's get to the numbers and comfortable conditions across the region. 70 now reagan national. that's one of our coolest temperatures so far this month. 65 at dulles. 59 winchester. 55 this morning in frederick. ocean city 59 degrees. a great looking start. should be plenty of sunshine today. another mostly sunny day today and again, temperatures are going to be hanging out later this afternoon in the mid- to upper 80s. i don't have much to show you because not much on the map. quiet conditions to ohio and michigan. high pressure to our west will be moving overhead today. dry today. changes for the weekend. i'll show you that in just a minute. sunshine today. another beautiful afternoon. 8# 7 your daytime high. more details on the forecast in just
and on the thermometer. it is a very comfortable friday morning. glad you're waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. tucker, i'm walking on sunshine today. >> very clever. >> we'll be walking on sunshine later today. >> okay. let's get right to the satellite-radar. you saw the live shot. just a few clouds across the region. going to be another beautiful day. yes, plenty of sunshine expected. just a few passing clouds and we get iling shower and thunderstorm activity well to our south there south of richmond. that is about it. high pressure is moving on through and this will be a great looking friday. august summertime friday. great combination. 71 at reagan national. check out frederick, 55 degrees. there are some cool temperatures out there. ocean city, 60 this morning. the cool air here to stay for the time being. highs later this afternoon in the mid- to upper 70s. it will be comfortable out there. we'll go 87 in washington. 88, 89 down towards fredericksburg. another great looking day. >>> before we talk with julie wright, we want to talk about some breaking news
of that fair food. a whole lot of fun here. we'll get more from steve and talk about how you can be frugal at the fair. not even one dollar? >> not even one dollar. okay, one dollar. >>> first, here's a look at our trivia question. how many pieces does each player have when starting a game of backgammon? the answer is coming up in a little bit. keep it right here. we'll be right back. it's 9:21. q spots again. detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. >>> in london police are rounding up rioters, they are raiding homes to arrest suspects using facial recognition software and closed circuit cameras. meanwhile, there are calls in parliament to clamp down on social media web sites. the rioters organized flash mobs using facebook, twitter and blackberry. it's prompted some in parliament to call for a ban of social media. one expert says that's a bad idea. >> technology is value neutral. it's not good or bad. it's what you do with it. it's all about the peop
, at the state fair, steve and our chief political correspondent, candy crowley. candy, i want to start with you and, yes, i want to start with the not so surprised visit i will call of sarah palin. she section, oh, shucks, go pay attention to the others but she was clearly trying to say, i'm still here? >> reporter: yes. as a matter of fact, a long time observer of iowa, he knows a few things about iowa politics and he said listen, i think she's going to get in. why else would you show up here? i would only say to that because right now sarah palin's job is speeches and raises money for her pact say staying visible certainly helps that. i think most of the betting is that she won't. >> i know you were watching last night. one of the big dynamics is that tim pawlenty needs to win iowa and michele bachmann needs to win iowa. i want you to listen to the debate that we'll call "minnesota spice". >> it's an undisputable fact that in congress her record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> governor, when you were governor in minnesota, you i implemented cap and trade and prals pra praised
? and why only used by those on the far right? they seem to love it. hmm. on a lighter note than that, steve colbert got approval to form a super pact called americans for a better tomorrow released its first ad of the 2012 campaign. let's listen. >> a storm is gathering over iowa. a money storm. out of state groups like growpac and jobs for iowapac are flooding the airwaves telling you to vote rick perry at the ames straw poll. we want you to vote for rick perry, too, but not their rick perry. our rick parry. that's parry with an a, or america. with an a for iowa. >> i wonder if some know colbert is kidding with all this? >>> anyway, was wall street teetering? stuck below 50% democrats getting nervous about president obama's re-election chances. what should the president do right now to calm the jitters? >>> you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. >>> welcome back to "hardball." democrats are getting nervous about president obama's chances for re-election next year and the polls show cause for concern. look at the new pollster.com trend line of the president's approval rating from this y
the place. steve striker shot 53. 14 shots back, 5 boagies, tiger shot 77 today and he says he lives for the pga and these holes, he is 14 back. >>> giants off, they'll be in florida tomorrow. a's won a game, afternoon affair in toronto. about to double here and oakland has a 2-0 lead. get away day in toronto. matsui, man, as soon as the a's were out of the race and it didn't matter, he was on fire. had 4 hits today. oakland leads 9-0 and then connor jackson went to cal, he hit a homerun. look at that, he doubled, excuse me and ran up each other's rear end. >> we had a young reporter out at the game tonight and you thought he was hilarious. >> i was telling you that the parking attendant was in the background. >> maybe that's what it was. a guy who's lived a little bit would go he's already. >> i was laughing also because of the guy in the background, the yellow jacket. >> it's good you got back for this. >> it is. >> anyway, going into the hall of fame tomorrow. i enjoy mullen, one of the best guys in bay area sports history, great basketball player. had a little adversity with alco
because he won't make the cut. steve stricter is your leader at seven under. finally, we've held you in suspense long enough. nfl preseason last night, a welcome sight. the eagles are locked and loaded to make a run at the super bowl. michael vick connected with brent celek for the only touchdown of the game. form get the quarterback controversy between orton and tebow in denver, the go ahead touchdown later in the fourth. the cowboys marched down the field, steve mcgee to duane harris. dallas down. mcgee scrambled and found martin rubbingr in the end zone. what a finish, only the preseason. cowboys won it 24-23. that's your look at sports. jonathan back to you. >> fred roggin, thank you so much. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," iowa's ames straw poll is just a day away, the candidates have their final word. now how will the voters respond? we'll talk to an all-star panel in just a few minutes. >>> and when we come back here, we'll gather around the water cooler to reveal the must-see moments from last night's debate. "way too early" will be right back. chronologica
at this to upper amount. no problem for 44-year-old steve stricker, converted seven bogeys tying the course record. steve is 7-under the leader by two. u.s. open champ is rory mcilroy. on three hits a root on the follow-through, club goes flying, immediately favors his right wrist. he hurt some tendons and gutted it out, finished even par. he'll see tomorrow if he can go, but meanwhile tiger on his disasterous 77. >> it doesn't move, it moves about a yard or two. i'm used to having it cut a lot more than that and my draw used to move a lot more than that. so it's hard fme right now to aim at closer to flags or closer to where i want the ball to end up. i thought i was beyond that. >> evidently not. >>> this afternoon nats and cubs top of the 7th michael morse gets drilled in the left elbow and he's in pain, taken to the hospital for x-rays, fortunately just a bruised elbow. 1-1 until jordan zimmerman surrendered back to back home runs. this is the second to carlos pena to give the cubs a 4-1 advantage. now to the top of the 9th, nats with the basis loaded trailing 4-3, a strikeout on a checked swi
of the leaderboard. steve stricker had a great day. he equaled the course record, the major record for the lowest round in history, 63 was hips round, and he's the world number five, but actually the top four in the leaderboard at the american, steve stricker leading the way at the moment. he's got a two-shot lead and really an excellent birthday, so he'll be looking to carry on with that. but rory mcilroy, who won the u.s. open, he has also a very mixed round, was playing quite well, but he's actually the pretournament favorite, but the shot you'll see coming up here, he tries to hit this from behind what is a tree root, really injures his wrist. you can see him shaking the wrist there, really bad injury, had a difficult round after that. he's 22, so he'll go for that shot and maybe shouldn't have done, he's going to have a scan on his wrist this morning, and he won't know definitely if he can carry on, so we're waiting to hear on that. >> what a disappointing turn for him. kathy, thanks very much. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come -- could texas provide another u.s. president? mig
. that is open. 7:09. let's go back to steve. >> thank you, sal. it does look warmer away from the coast as we cut that sea breeze in half. that's not the case so far today. some thick fog, maybe a little mist or drizzle. overall the low cloud deck will burn off. today we're waiting for that system. it's a tweener day. a little warmer as the high hangs around for the day but it's back off to the east. a cooling trend starts tomorrow. today is a bump up so a little delay, a rather strong system coming into the pacific northwest,. high clouds. 54 in livermore. 50 in santa rosa. 55 oakland and san francisco, redwood city and san jose. temperatures a little warmer as well. some of the higher elevations, 1500, 2,000 feet. that system right there is strong for this time of the year. it will swing its way over over the weekend. we start off with thick fog and temperatures will warm up. fog by the coast but sunshine for most. it will be slightly warmer. breezy at times, nothing like yesterday. fog near the coast. that will get ready to come back. 60s, 70s, 80s. 89 antioch. 6 alameda. pleasant ton 83.
controlled too much. steve is on the air from detroit. caller: women at work in industries represented by unions make the same pay for the same job as men. we need more union representation in this country. unions are not a bad thing. guest: i would endorse that view. we have large numbers of women in jobs in home health and home care. people come in and help disabled folks get ready for the day or take care of the fragile elderly. these jobs are extremely low- paid. the only way we have been able to make any progress at all is when the workers have been able to organize. they are able to do that in california. that makes a huge difference in the dignity and pay of the job. immunized -- in unionized workplaces, women are paid the same as men. at women rising into management ranks and halt that has changed. guest: this is a fascinating movement. this reflects the percentage of managers who are women. you can see it's pretty massive jump -- you can see a pretty massive jump between 1970 and 1990 and then a flattening. the jump coincided with a large jump in labor force participation by w
, a real fantasy few days. it is the best of politics, the best of iowa, and the best part about it, steve, is temperatures are well below 100. as you know, it can get really humid out here. >> and we'll all remember that in january and february when the caucuses get underway. >> to paraphrase it elvis -- she is in the building. sarah palin is at the state fair as we speak. what is termed motivation? >> it is a great question. i think we are all trying to figure it out. i always thought it was a fool's errand to get into sarah palin's head. she may want to run still. but there is no question she definitely wants to be part of the conversation. she does not want to be forgotten. it could mean a very unconventional candidacy or somebody who wants to be a player in the course of the primaries. >> the straw poll will take place on the campus of iowa state. nine names on the ballot. six actively participating. >> the big question is who shows up. what is the universe? will it be 10,000 people or 20,000 people? four years ago you had 14,000. if it is less than that, i think you have to look for
doing? my name is steve. >>> they are among the most gorgeous and fearsome forms of life anywhere and among the most endangered. fewer than 3,500 tigers now live in the wild, occupying less than 7% of their historical range. human encroachment is predictably to blame but humans don't have to be the absolute villain in this story. conservation efforts are under way around the world. inuding the gorgeous indonesian island of bali where tonight abc's dan harris goes "into the wild." >> reporter: they're fast, fearless and furry. tigers are some of the most awesome creatures on the planet. they are effortlessly beautiful but also efficiently deadly. not these little guys though, not yet at least. >> the three of them -- >> oh. >> reporter: three sisters too young to even have names yet. they're 2 1/2 months old. born here in captivity at the zoo in bali, indonesia. and right now they are all very hungry. >> i've got chicken for you. >> reporter: this i'm told is a very good way to make friends. want some more? want some more? ay. their hair is much rougher than a house cat's. they're
, see him drob the club there. tried -- drop the club there. it was steve strikers day. he is the leader by two. tiger is in trouble. big nationals game at wrigley today. ryan zimmerman working on the hitting streak. that will extend it. now hitting .296. pretty good. >> game tied at one. cubs beat the nats 4-3. finally this is from the pro league in thailand. a little collision is going to happen. i don't know all the rules of soccer, but i'm pretty sure this is not allowed. >> oh. >> and look at the poor guy roll like he's a tire. that might have been a slight exaggeration but there is no doubt that hurt a lot. >> he should have rolled the other way. >> those soccer guys are the biggest actors. >> i think it hurt somewhat. >> it probably did. >> we'll be back. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help low
is heochk to play in round two. he a even par 70. the man to catch steve stricker to a 63 tied the lowest score, he leads by two shots. >> giants had night off they are in florida without carlos beltran. he had a cortisone shot that did not help his wrist. >> cliff pennington, and eric, look out for that wall. it ain't going anywhere. two-run double and conner jackson, meet the wall again. we'll have an updated for him. a's built a 6-0 lead and cruise to a victory. los gatos and puerto rico in the world series. this game was over pretty early. bruce doubled home. austin gabor with a two-run bomb los gatos wins the world series championship, 17-7. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again here tomorrow. bç you can see
. the next item, steve johnson, doing business as underground sf. >> this has been in operation for some time. this is a bar in the lower 8 neighborhood. -- lower haight neighborhood. >> don't touch it. >> i have a really good relationship with the seller who has been facilitating the transfer of the business. he is here with me today. i am happy to answer any questions you have regarding my application for my neighborhood outreach. we are keeping the name the same come this jury staff the same, the bartender's the same. i really stepping in to replace sean's role. i have been a fan of this neighborhood anbar from the second that i opened this restaurant. i loved it when i went to college here. it has always been a dream of mine to start a small business. when this opportunity came before me, it was a perfect fit. i have a ton of respect for it. i have listened to the group for suggestions that they have to help keep the character. >> commissioners, questions. >> seeing none, >> i had a question. one thing that came to me is that you live right above the establishment. >> yes. in one part of
in the bay area, meteorologist steve paulson will be up in minutes to tell you if it will continue through the weekend. >>> tensions continue at an armored car company in the north bay. we will tell you about tactics police are using to try to solve a robbery that played out like a movie script. >>> pg pg&e is still working on a power outage there where a truck slammed into a pole. that shut down the road and knocked out power to 3800 customers. they have restored power to all but a few and will finish around 2:00. the truck will be removed and the road re-opened after that. the driver suffered min error injuries. >>> police are going over video in their search for gunmen who stormed into an armored car warehouse last night. the robbery happened before 11:00 p.m. and the warehouse on north point parkway west of stoney point road. police are releasing few details but do say they are not sure how many robbers there were in spite of earlier reports there were two. they say they got away with some money but won't say how much and locked the steel doors behind them trapping two employees insid
-- drop the club there. it was steve strikers day. he is the leader by two. tiger is in trouble. big nationals game at wrigley today. ryan zimmerman working on the hitting streak. that will extend it. now hitting .296. pretty good. >> game tied at one. cubs beat the nats 4-3. finally this is from the pro league in thailand. a little collision is going to happen. i don't know all the rules of soccer, but i'm pretty sure this is not allowed. >> oh. >> and look at the poor guy roll like he's a tire. that might have been a slight exaggeration but there is no doubt that hurt a lot. >> he should have rolled the other way. >> those soccer guys are the biggest
major in golf, steve stricker is now leading as shooting 63. he leads by two over sherry kelly. how about tiger woods. tiger today shot seven over 77. that is the worse first round in a major tournament ever for tiger waordz. a bit -- tiger woods. we'll have complete highlights of this game and others tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, fred. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 as we just saw there football is back with the raiders opening their preseason tonight. so will it translate into more fans in the seats this year? we're going to look at that question coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. >> and remember ktvu is always on online. log on to ktvu.com for your complete guide to outside lands. we got the schedule as well as a map of the festival. just look under the local music tab. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
night. but markakis gets it back with one swing. it is his 100th career home run. steve stricker came within one putt of setting a record in the first round of the 93rd pga championship. he settled for a record-tying 63. on the first hole, a sign of things to come. he reads that perfectly. rory mcilry hurts his right wrist. he ends the day at even par. not a good day for tiger woods. out of the sand and into the water. he ends the day at 7 over 77. in danger of missing the cut. the pro from baltimore if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] >> and looks like our nice str
. that is the view of steve mitnick, who has written a new study on electric valu values. it says we get a pretty good deal from electricity. right? >> yes. >> let us pick some holes in your argument. why do we get a good deal from electricity? >> there is so much in the media about how there is rate shock, electricity bills, utility bills are high and going up, up, up. so, it runs counter to the popular notion. if you look at it as this report did, 10 different quantitative analyses, to say that particularly households, bills, are a tremendous value and that over time prices have not gone up. especially compared to inflation. that is back it 1960. >> you are saying prices for electricity have been very standard and steady? >> all but seven states the average residential rates have fall -- have fallen relative to general inflation. only in seven states have they kept up with general inflation. >> what is little known is that no two states actually pay the same for electricity and we pay a lot more on the coast than in the middle of the country. >> right. one thing you bring up here in the repor
-year-old steve stricker has the lead after some great approach shots and even better putts. he tied a tournament record with a 63, 7 strokes under par. tiger woods had his worst ever round in the tournament. he finished with a 77, 7 over par. if he doesn't make the cut today, he will not be eligible for a pga event for six weeks. >>> when we return another look at this morning's top stories. >>> and the dougherty gang gets their day in court. one of many the three siblings could face in three different states. by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. >>> on the "cbs morn
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